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5/30/2018: Not dead! I moved this website from my broken UB page (which is now gone :sadness:) and onto my domain.
I have been pretty busy over the last couple of years. Mostly I have been focusing on my career, so I really haven't spent a lot of time outside of work doing any major programming projects. Lately I have been tinkering around with my Formlabs Form2 3D printer, and making a bunch of Dungeons and Dragons miniatures with it. I also want to revisit some of my older projects (SID player, Iron Man costume) now that I've grown a bit and have some half decent ideas on how to improve them :) . I am still not opposed to starting another video game, haven't been really sold on platforms, engines, programming languages, etc. I have tinkered with WebGL using Javascript and have seen pretty impressive performance out of that. Anyway, think I'll just keep this brief. Thanks for reading!

2/19/2016: I started working at Concur in Bellevue, Washington on January 25th, 2016. So for now I think this site won't have many updates, as I'm very busy!

11/2/2015: I recently finished my EEPROM burner, NES & SNES to USB adapter, and I've been working more on my C++ game.

9/24/2015: Worked on a lot of new projects recently, though I've been slow at updating the website. Added project links to my C++ game, EEPROM programmer, NES USB 2.0 project, and more! I don't recall if I've stated here but the DirectX game is going 2D as a tactical combat sort of game. Been working a lot on job opportunities, interviews etc, but finally had some time recently to really devote to some new projects. Enjoy!

7/20/2015: Back in Seattle as a University of Buffalo graduate in Computer Engineering! About to start a few new and interesting projects, as well as making a few updates to the website.

2/5/2015: Updated a few pages, also have a bit more to add on the C++ game (migrating the updates from Facebook).

2/2/2015: Added a new project based on the SID, now on Raspberry Pi! Check it out in the projects tab. Also updated a bit of information on some older projects.

10/13/2014: Added a ton of info on the C++ game, Speakjet, and other projects that I've been slow at updating. Enjoy!

9/29/2014: Added a small page on the SpeakJet chip. More updates to come on that, the C++ demo, and more!

4/25/2014: Updated my SID player. It works really well! I am working on 4 school projects due in two weeks so I'm constantly busy. Good news is, I'm getting a lot of experience developing internet apps & distributed systems, so I'm excited to try making some internet games after the semester is over.

4/7/2014: Not a lot done on the C++ game. I've added a bunch of cubes and allowed the user to spawn them. The file IO is in place to save maps but I haven't tested it. Been working a LOT on school stuff (305, 486, 487 in particular). I also got a chance to revisit the SID project, and its page has been updated.

2/20/2014: More work done on the C++ game. Got a sloped surface (testing collision soon) and its proper texture map loaded in. Added per-model transformations & tested w/ a simple cube translation.

2/14/2014: Updated the C++ project a bit. Just this morning I got file IO working, and now I'm creating 3d models from file. I created a custom file format very similar to XML that is parsed using just a small snippet of code. The code will read in a model file and then create a model object using the vertex data and texture data in the file. Eventually, I'd like to get a small model maker app put together which will output all the vertex data into my format so that I can load it into the engine as an in game asset. I have been very busy with programming assignments for school so updates have been slower than normal.

1/31/2014: Working on the same game project still, but I rebooted it before it progressed any further. Basically it is identical but this time written in C++. There's a few reasons behind the switch, but most importantly I would like to build up my C++ experience with a meaty project, rather than just do it in C#. I will try to update this page regularly throughout the semester with my progress.

10/9/2013: Updated new game project. Essentially I was going to make another XNA game, but since XNA is no longer supported, I thought I'd jump ship and start using DirectX. Check it out on the projects page.

9/30/2013: Added links to my team's CSE442 Project, which is basically a redesigned SimCity game. We are currently in our first phase of production, though eventually we should have a playable demo. (See 'Projects' page).

9/18/2013: First update since I'm back from my internship at Bungie. Expect more on projects throughout this semester, in particular XNA 3D stuff. Also working on a CSE team project that may or may not be hosted on this site.

3/18/2013: Reboot on the NES SD thing again. I haven't made any good attempts at the writer in a long time, hopefully this changes things.

2/8/2013: Working on NES SD Again, take a look in the projects section for more info.

11/12/2012: A few projects updated, added images.

10/23/2012: Updated Index and a few projects: NES-SD and a few older projects recovered from the old site.

9-6-2012: Updated site a little. Added in placeholder articles for current projects. Updated NES project a little too.

8-27-2012: Back in school! Working on multiple new things.

6-21-2012: Updated a lot of project links!