Iron Man Mk VI Costume
October 31st, 2014

    I actually finished it in 2014! It seems like every year, I allowed the fall semester to take over around this time of year, but this year I managed to spare enough time to complete the project.

    Basically I started with a small Iron-Man mask from Toys-R-us, and made it servo activated. I hid the servo motor under the forehead plate (where the old electronics used to be) and I drove it via a very simple arduino program.

    The mask did not come with a back or sides, so I started by creating those using cardboard molded to look like still images from the Iron Man film. Once I had a basic shape, I covered that in Bondo, and then began sanding. Finally, I finished up by using some wood filler and sanding, alternating between the two until the surfaces were nice and smooth. Coated everything in Krylon cherry red spraypaing, and after a few clear coats it was done!

I have a few pictures that I need to dig up for this one, but that's about it!