SpeakJet Demo

10/13/2014: Added a photo. I guess I forgot to upload this before!


07/14/2014 (I think, date of youtube video is July 14th):
    The SpeakJet is a neat little chip that allows the user to synthesize speech. A basic teardown of the language involves a combination of phonemes that are pre-programmed into the device, so performing speech requires sounding out each word bit by bit. (Or in this case, Byte by Byte).

    I made two small demos showing the device in action. I am really busy with classes right now but I'd like to upload a more technical report later. It's a really simple device though, just send commands at 9600 baud (iirc) and off it goes.

SpeakJet demo 1 (My first demo) :  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYdSpWPyuKs

SpeakJet demo 2 (Singing) :